Sunday, September 17, 2006

Graduation Day!

Today was Kate's first Sunday as a Gentle Giraffe. I reminded her on the way to church that she was going to her new class and she yelled, "Mia's class?!" The girls are 6 months apart, but they haven't been in the same room for a while.

Amelia and Kate

They colored pictures of locusts today (no, Mom, it's not a grasshopper!) because they were learning about John the Baptist. I'm pretty sure JB ate locusts, so I really don't understand why it's waving and looking smug.

Miles is in the Little Leopard class and this is his wonderful teacher Angie.

What a sweet life...

Post Script: Kate just came downstairs and asked for locusts for a snack.


mini and brother said...

Why are you so sinkin' funny. It's fun to have the ladies in the same class.

Klhark said...

I'm interested as to how the Gentle Giraffe name is affecting the Monday psyche of Kate :)
I'm going to pass along your fun names to our children's pastor. Hank new room this week was simply labeled "Early Preschool" :)