Wednesday, September 27, 2006

West Side Story

Every couple of months my family gets together to celebrate birthdays. It's now become a downright competition to see who can find the best cards... BRING IT ON! I'm pretty sure that aquiring fantastic cards is one of my gifts, which include precise laundry folding and speaking without fear into any nearby microphone. Analyze please. Anyway, this time around, lines were crossed (card wise - and not even by me!) which opened the door for all sorts of mayhem. I've got a funny family, and you can take that any way you want.
Terry and Brenda

Irish Matt and his girlfriend, Megan

Brittany and Jer

My family is obsessed with dominoes and everytime we get together they play some sort of crypic game that I have never, ever figured out. I, myself, adore games and tend to complain that we should play something else...

which is how I got relegated to THIS table...with the kids... which all beat the crap out of me...even though it was a word game and I think I use to teach that stuff.

However, I'm smart enough to remember what really counts.

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