Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"And Babies Make... Five"

TRIPLETS. My mom and I visited Tina (my cousin) in the hospital when she was admitted for preeclampsia at around 30 weeks. I can't even fathom having three little people moving around in my belly at once - well, Miles was the size of at least two of them, so...

Most triplets make it to 32 weeks gestation, but Tina held on until 33 when her blood pressure just wouldn't behave anymore. I don't have the exact weights, but they were all in the 3-4 pound range.


Tina and Brian were way overwhelmed in the hospital at first and only so many people could be bedside at a time, so I saw them for the first time last week at Phoenix Children's.

All snug-in-bug-like Me with Davin Robert-Arden

I got to hold him the whole time and we fell hopelessly in love with each other.

This is Alyssa Malin and she is sporting her trademark pout. Yeah, girl!

Tina with Braden Christopher

I'm working hard on how to become their favorite "second cousin" or whatever. I guess I'll be happy if they just recognize me at family functions, but if they laugh at my jokes, then THAT'S when I know I've arrived.


Our Family said...

LOVE the pout!!

Ter said...

Thank you for sharing Mikele it is nice to keep up with all the family here on your you great pix