Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Surprise. The city. That's literally halfway to L.A. Well, almost.
The kids and I braved the almost hour and a half drive last Saturday to hang out with The Fam since the Kansas folk were in town. I ate my weight in shrimp.

Duane, Me and Miles

Ross (Susie's guy), Susie, Paul and Kate

A blue M&M did this to her. She'd much rather suck on it for ten minutes than chew it. It's kinda like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the book, not the movie) where Charlie nibbles on the chocolate bar for months because he only gets one a year. Kate just doesn't really know when she might get another M&M, so she truly savors it. Oh, I hear the comments coming already...

Brenda, Jim, Me, Ed and Dave

You know how some people change their personality when they get around their family? Well, mine doesn't - it just gets worse. Exhibit A above.

Terry thought this was way too cute. She said it looked like she was prancing. Like mother, like daughter. People are always telling me I prance when I am pushing the stroller. Uphill. In 105 degrees.

Miles and Kathy

Kate doesn't really stick to a task for very long, so after a while, it was just Susie and Paul who were left to color by themselves.

"Hey Kate, did ya have fun?"

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Jen said...

If you gave the poor child candy a little more often, she might actually know how to eat it. She must know she needs to enjoy every last taste of it because who knows when she might taste it again.