Sunday, February 18, 2007

1st Annual Bunco Golf Tournament

Heather hosted Golf Bunco this month and I'm pretty sure that a fair amount of the guys were consulted about clothing choices. Word to the unwise: Your husband's glove really stinks, so don't wear it before you eat dinner.

Jen, Robyn and Holly in their golf attire

Cathy, Holly and Kim

Heather and Nicole

The Hostess Choice prize went to whoever putted closest to the "hole." Here's Robyn lining up her shot.

Heather was the only one to actually get on the green, so she busted out the tape measure to declare the winner. It wasn't Robyn.

It might have been this one.


robyn said...

1) Thanks for featuring me so prominently on your post. I like it.
2) Did you really have to point out that I didn't win? It hurts.
3) Sweet shot, Katie. Yep, I truly am happy for you.

Jen said...

Oh well, least you didn't get beat out for Hostess Choice AND the Traveler...oh wait... ;o)

Blogyn said...

Ouch. Wow. I guess you guys want to bring back Game Robyn? Are you sure about that, cuz I hear it's ugly when she comes out to play.

Mikele said...

Bring back? She left? Why I am always the last to know these things?

mini and brother said...

I love BUNCO! I hope every month I can will the big bucks!