Monday, February 05, 2007

G-O, Let Me Hear You Say Go!

Kate, Amelia and Madison are now taking a Cheerleading class on Wednesdays. Last week it was raining, so we all got to stay in the room and watch. Enjoy!

The ladies warming up and stretching

Madison showing off her mad pom pom skills

Even Scotty got into it.

Three friends


Jen said...

Where's the picture of Madison swishing her pom-pom in all the other little girls' faces? I hope she doesn't do that tomorrow...I would hate for her to get jumped by a bunch of 3 yr old cheerleaders.

mini and brother said...

My favorite pic is Mdog with her tummy showing. Can't wait to hear a new cheer.

Blogyn said...

So cute! If they need a guy for any "Bring It On" style lifts, Owen is available.