Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Recap in Lists

Just thought you'd like an update....

1. Number of steps Miles took on Saturday (finally!) : 5


2. Shortest nap of the week: 30 minutes. Go Miles!

3. Best household injury: Kate's 2nd degree burn from the curling iron. See video:


4. Number of Cokes I've had today: 3

5. Things Miles has taken a bite out of:
a. Board book

b. Lipstick case - just the pleather

c. My hand

d. Tampon

e. Kate's shirt.... while she was wearing it. It's now missing a bead.

f. A piece of foam from the "Under The Sea" costume at the Museum for Youth

6. Antibiotics that Miles has been on in the last 6 weeks for a (still) persistant ear infection:

a. Amoxicillin

b. Omnicef

c. Floxin

d. Rocephin

7. Amount of money I made at the garage sale: $71

8. Last time I washed my hair: Saturday

9. Quote of the week: "She is building a new house? Did her old one fall down?" - Kate

10. Number of comments I hope this post generates: 268


robyn said...

Comment #1 of 268:
LOVE IT. You crack me up! And you might want to see if Babies R Us sells kid muzzles (just for the sake of preserving your tampon supply). Thanks for the sweet recap!

Carrie said...


Carrie said...


Carrie said...


Carrie said...


Carrie said...


Carrie said...


Carrie said...

Okay ... so I was trying to help you get to 268 ... but I think I might create a BLOGGING uproar? Just know I wanted those 268 comments for you :)

Mikele said...

Dang it, Carrie! I saw "8 comments" and got all excited! Thanks for the help. I'm now at 9.

jen said...

I saw 9 comments and got really jealous....kinda glad it was mostly Carrie :o) But this post definately deserves 268 comments...it's so freakin funny! Perhaps your funniest.

Vigilante said...

Here's hoping for the numbers :)

Klhark said...

How could I not add a comment too? Maybe you should try feeding him food :)

Holly said...

Miles must be on that new Hollywood diet, antibiotics and random household items. I've heard it's really successful. :-)
Cute pictures!

mini and brother said...

Feed the poor guy! I love all these comments! You crack me up with the # and the list. I love it!

blogyn said...

This was such a ploy to get the most comments of any of us to date and I'm mad at you for winning. And here I am adding to the total. I can't help myself.

Mikele said...

I win, I win!

jen said...


Our Family said...

No Kate, our house didn't fall down. We just find great joy in moving all the time. I'm guessing your mom has a whole section in her address book just for us!
1. Mesa
2. Chandler
3. Chandler, again
4. Queen Creek
5. Gilbert (for a month to stay with the Longs)
6. Goodyear
7. Avondale
8. Tucson, here we come.

Jesse said...

My natural instinct is to boycott this obvious ploy for comments, but I'll let it slide... this time.

7 is my highest number I believe. How embarassing for me.


Ter said...

I am sooooo glad that the injury of the week did not have anything to do with me....love you

Klhark said...

Are you not going to post again until you get to your 268 comments :)?

blogyn said...

seriously. where's Mardi Gras Bunco?? it's been 3 days for pete's sake.

Mikele said...


Ter said...

23 comments that is close to 268 right??