Friday, April 13, 2007

Just In Case You Thought I Was Just Sitting Around Watching Oprah

Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Dropped Kate off at my mom's house. Miles had yet another doctor's appointment (see #4), so she volunteered to watch her while I took him. On the way we ran errands and for those of you with more than one kiddo, you know what I mean when I say that all of a sudden, just doing these things with ONE is sooooo easy! Also, Kate likes to run into streets and ask "Why?" every two seconds, so Miles was a cinch.

2. Took curtains to alterations lady. Now, that sounds like an easy task, but in reality, I have again found myself in the situation of hiring a very old person. Katie found her in the paper and the first time I called, I was told she was sleeping. At 2:30 in the afternoon. The second time I called, I talked to her and she gave me the address of her Assisted Living Home.

When Miles and I showed up, there was a woman sitting at the window just watching the world go by. There were these frail little things on the couch and their eyes lit up at the sight of my handsome boy. Dina had a lot of trouble with my name, "It should be Michael." "Oh, it's not." She invited me into her room and to sit on her bed, and I was feeling torn about whether to grap my curtains and bolt or to stay and explain for the tenth time that I wanted the hem let out an inch. She wrote it all down on this little pink post-it note, "because I will forget in a day or two."

3. Turned in paperwork at Kate's preschool. Nothing exciting happened there except that I filled out all of the forms (in a euphoric state, because I LOVE, LOVE filling out forms. Really.) but I forgot to put her name at the top of them. Then I basked in the glory of the secretary telling me that I had such neat handwriting. I may have blushed.

4. Went to Miles' doctor appointment.

He had another fever, followed by an ER visit, so we are ear infection watch. We were there for under 10 minutes and paid $30 on top of the $30 at the aforementioned ER - meaning $60 for two doctors to say that he just has "some type of virus" and "please come back on Saturday and pay me another $30 just in case his ear gets all red and stuff." Good times.

At the ER

5. Shopped at Babies R Us. Things we got:

* a new thermometer - the ear one. Ours broke after repeated use.

* Sunny Days fruit bars

* Size 4 Cruisers

* crib sheet - there are undiscernable stains on ours

* door knob covers

* Diaper Genie refills - stage 2

* GATE!!! To replace the toy box that is there currently, that replaced the ottoman that was there before that.

When I got to the checkout, there was a lady buying a hangonthedoorframejumperthingie and I just about said to her, "I have a used one in my car if you want it," but I didn't because the checker might have gotten upset that I was outside selling baby items out of my trunk.

6. Bought this from Barnes and Noble:

7. Grabbed all white meat chicken terriaki bowl and very large Pepsi at Neo Tokyo.

8. Went back to my mom's where the kids played outside in the fabulous weather:

The first video is a nod to Kate's strange fascination with anything that is not an actual toy. Here she is thowing hairbrushes down the slide, which for some reason, makes Miles crack up.

When my mom said, "See you later, Alligator." Kate said, "See you later, Shark!"

9. Watched Oprah - I admit it, although I have been skittish about watching ever since the autism show...

10. Took pictures of various items to sell on craigslist.

11. Tried to take a walk, but it was freezing and the wind made Miles cry.

12. Made a Dream Dinner (spaghetti with shrimp and rustic tomato sauce - Mmmmmmmm.)

13. Played Tic-Tac-Toe with Kate and actually let her win a game.

14. Talked to Carrie about the autisim show on Oprah.

15. Watched new episodes of Scrubs and The Office with Josh, where we had to rewind (DVR!!!) the part where Michael asked what they were fighting against and Dwight said, "Wolves."

The End.


Carrie said...

You're feeling good about your neat handwriting? I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for making it to #14 on your list. How the meeting with Silvan's mommy go today? I know she's your new best friend and all but I was hoping we could be buddies ... despite our the commonalities with our sons!

Our Family said...

Tre is pointing all the really should have Miles screened. I'm a little worried about your lack of concern for early intervention. This lady knows what she's talking about. Did she really name her daughter after a learning center?

Also, I bet Kate's new preschool is the BEST!! :)

Mrs. Spice said...

Ok, your day exhausted me. You are amazing. I think you should open a business selling gently used baby items out of your trunk outside Babies R Us. I bet you would make a boatload off of it. Give Miles a sqeeze for me, hope he feels better soon!

robyn said...

Quite a day...I hope Miles (not to mention all the poor elderly people with compromised immune systems he may have inadvertantly infected with "some type of virus") feels better soon! I'm with Spice...your day just totally exhausted me. ;)

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh you made me laugh so hard. I'm sitting at the airport waiting to board our flight to Cancun, BTW. Thanks for making me look like a crazy person, giggling at my computer!! :-)

Jen said...

Hey! You finally got a gate! Maybe by the next time you make a list, you'll be able to put "installed gate" on it. ;o)

Klhark said...

#11 - freezing? I think that's very relative term. Was it below 60 degrees?

Our Family said...

Hey, didn't you get booted from craigslist? Did you say you're sorry and promise not to post anymore naughty items?!?

mini and brother said...

Great day Kel, I love Step By Step even if they love our money. Sorry about the new double ear... you should write a post about it...

Dana said...

You are super mom! I only have one baby and can't accomplish a fourth of your list. Please write a book about how you did all of this in one day and I bet Oprah will welcome it into her bookclub.