Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lollilocks, Lollilocks, Ooooo, Lolli, Lolli, Locks

Kate and Miles got haircuts today, and we found a sweet new place called Lollilocks.

Before (with Miss Brooke)

After! The hairstyle, glitter and butterfly clips were all included.


After. Miles did not get glitter, but they did offer him a tattoo and/or colored hair spray.

Kate also got a "piggy toes" pedicure. She wanted blue polish, but settled for red. So cool.

They had a fun play area with a Toy Story going and Laurie Birkner on the radio. What else would you even need?

Oh, maybe bigger eustachian tubes so that poor Miles can get rid of these darn ear infections. He's now down with another double infection that is resulting in a trip to Bono's ENT doctor. Please pray for him because he is absolutely miserable and has had 3 shots this week of Rocefin which are in turn giving him a bright red bottom.

Summary: Lollilocks = sweet!
Stupid small ear bones inherited from Mom = terrible

That ended badly, so if you're depressed now, watch this:


Jen said...

Her hair looks sooo cute!

Thanks for the video at the end...I can never get too much of a grainy, dancing, Big Scott

Klhark said...

Love the clips and glitter Kater! Hope your new hair is an easy do for you Mom. And poor Miles - that sad face makes me want to pop in some quick ear tubes on the spot.

robyn said...

The kids look so cute.
And I LOVE Bono's ENT. He's seriously the best and I bet he can really help Miles' poor little ears!!!

Mrs. Spice said...

Kate looks like a true Spa Girl! Get well soon Miles! Hey, small ear bones sound pretty ok...I think Baby Spice got my thighs!

mini and brother said...

I love those chuncky little toes. They are even prettier in person.
What a cute place.

Ter said...

Oh is she her mothers daughter or what...great hair Kate and poor Miles get better soon hope your new new dr can help you

Rachel said...

I'm so sorry about Miles! I'll be praying those tubes help out.

Kate looks adorable by the way!