Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Beth of a Lifetime

Well, we did it. Our husbands are known for their golfing "trips of a lifetime," so five of us ladies finally packed our bags, boarded a plane (only one of us cried, and I'm not gonna tell you who) and flew to Albequerque to see Beth Moore. Beth is an incredible woman who loves Jesus and, in a crowd of 7500 women, seems like she's talking directly to you. Well, she was at one point talking directly to Katie, but I was too stunned and busy making a weird face to hear what she was saying. It was well worth the gravity-defying plane ride and 5 am wake up call to see her speak again.

Robyn and Heather - Starbucked Up and Ready To Go


We got to New Mexico early enough to walk around Old Town before settling in for the two hour plus wait in line. There are no assigned seats, so here are the rules:

1. Find the line early - we were totally in the wrong line for, like, a half hour.

2. Stake your claim in said line by fanning out Red Rover style. Age and pregnancy are not considered factors.

It was so very hot and we were thankful that the women in front of us were standing and blocking the sun for a bit.

3. Make friends in line completely based on the fact that they are wearing a cute top and are dying to see your kid's pictures.

4. Tear your ticket, grab your stuff and follow the scrappy one (Heather) to the door.

5. When the door opens, all salvation is lost for about five minutes as you RUN LIKE H**L for the front.

6. Rejoice at your fortune (second row!)

7. Go to the bathroom, because you just almost peed your pants.

See how darn close she was?

It was a refreshing weekend and I am very thankful to have gone.
Thanks, Beth - See ya in Rhode Island...


Jen said...

Nice recap. Very thorough...excpet where the part about the random things friends pull out of their purses at Mexican food restuarants?? ;o)

Mikele said...

I choose to deny I was ever at any "Mexican food restaurant."

mini and brother said...

I already went to JCPenny and bought the top. I loved the entire weekend minus the plane ride home.hahah
Can't wait for next year!!!

robyn said...

Shall we draw straws to see who "gets" to sit with Mikele on the 5 hour RI flight? ;)
The whole trip was so fun!

Ter said...

Mikele you do know that you have to take a plane to RI right??? Love you

robyn said...

I think Mikele said she would leave 2 days ealy and take a greyhound bus. Wasn't that right, M?

Beth Moore said...

If I was really that great, why didn't you blog about it three weeks ago like all of your friends?

Mikele said...

Whoa. That's harsh Beth. I thought we were sistas.