Saturday, May 05, 2007

Of Mice and Men

I am still trying to catch up on all of the fun things that have been going on around here - however, I need to interrupt chronological order for a medical update and a funny story about a rodent and my friend, Robyn.

Miles had his ENT appointment yesterday and he is scheduled for getting tubes on Thursday, May 17th. (Coincidently, this is also the day Bunco is at my house, so that should be fun.) I am really excited to have this done for him - it's been a long four months and even though he has gone two weeks without an infection, the fluid in his ear is just sitting there stagnant and the slightest cold will start the antibiotic cycle all over again. Dr. M said that right now he's experiencing a 25% hearing loss from the fluid and this could be causing speech delays, not to mention his sideways walking. I am very thankful that this simple procedure will do so much good for my son.

Kate got to visit the dentist last week and even though she was nervous, she was very brave. Her favorite part was when the nurse "painted" her teeth - just like her toes (which are painted blue now, because I started an obsession.)

Finally, I must tell you that Robyn and I went out on a date last night and we had such a good time. We ate dumplings at PF Changs and drank coffee and then decided to see Lucky You. It was absolutely terrible! If only I had read my beloved Entertainment Weekly before we went - they rated it a D+. We made it through about half of the movie before we began hearing a strange stratching noise on the floor near us. The theater was almost empty, so it wasn't a fellow moviegoier trying to open his Reece's Pieces in the dark... The sound kept getting louder and closer to us and I truly don't know if it was cockroaches or a small rat, but we screamed like 10 year olds and busted out of there. The teenager running customer service gave us two free tickets:

Robyn: "Um, we just saw a lousy movie and while we were watching said lousy movie, we heard small rodents eating the remainder of someone's M&M's right by our feet." (paraphrase)

Mikele: "Have you had any complaints about roaches?"

Teenager: "Yes."

Mikele: "Really?"

Teenager: (backtracking) "Ummm, No."

Robyn: "I just HEARD you! You just got busted."

I'm still itching just thinking about it.


Jen said...

i don't think I'll be going to that movie theater for a while...on second thought, if they give out free tickets for finding rodents, maybe I will go (after we stop at and pick up a rodent on our way there to release in the theater.) It be worth aren't cheap these days!

Klhark said...

YUCK!! I think I'll be watching every movie crosslegged from now on.

robyn said...

It was so disturbing, to say the least.
But, apart from the ABSOLUTE WORST ACTING I'VE EVER SEEN and the SCARY SNACKING CREATURES BY OUR FEET, it was a really fun night!!!

mini and brother said...

FUN TIMES... I'm glad I don't like movies so I don't have to worry.
Tell Kater I'll paint those toes anytime.

Carrie said...

I'm super glad that Miles is getting tubes ... but I really want to know if Bono stopped by to say HEY? YIPPIE for no more sideways walking! May 17th, eh ... I'm free :) Since I'm so good at bunco and all ... you just let me know if you need me to help out! I could just come help prepare YELLOW BRICK ROAD food ... I don't even have to play :)

Mrs. Spice said...

Ok, what theater are you going too? The Bronx? I am glad you guys got out ok, and with free tickets.

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh ewwwwwww at the rat/roach story!! But praise God that Miles will be getting those tubes in - it will help him so much!

PS: Ewwwww!

Blog Stalker said...

When I read the title, I was so excited you were writing about the John Steinbeck book...No one ever said I was cool.

Cherie said...

That is SO BAD!!! It makes me scared to go to the movies.