Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Shamus McPiddlePants Would Be So Proud!

The girls took four weeks of Irish Dance in April which culminated in a "recital" that included a lot of skipping.



Amelia, Kennedy, Reagan, Kate and Abby

"Hey Miles, what kind of crazy dancing is this, anyway?"

"Beats me, but this music ROCKS!"

Scotty: "Ummm... will someone please inform my dad that I am, indeed, too big for this stroller."

Miles: "ROCKS, MAN!"


mini and brother said...

$32.00 for a lot of skipping.
It appeared the Sulvin was doing her own thing. It was worth it just for the fun in the court yard right?!

Klhark said...

Love the skipping! and that silly overgrown nephew of mine.