Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Funny Bugs

Someday I might actually blog in real time, but for now, here's the goods from Kate's Show Night at Little Gym. Just pretend it happened last night, eh?

Kate and Miss Lisa

Grandpa and Grandma came to watch the star performance

Show Night was just like going to the gymnastic part of the Olympics - only with much smaller people and only one national anthem.

They did the traditional Olympic train:

Then they were separated into three groups - uneven bars:


balance beam:


and floor routine:


Finally came the Awards Ceremony:


Kate and Grace - "not the real Grace, though."

Miles had a great time as well...

...until he had to take an important call.

She was absolutely awesome.


Mrs. Spice said...

Wow...what a star! Watch out Carrie Struggs! Can she teach me her sweet moves?

blogyn said...

Great job Kate!
I'm curious...was this in 2007? ;)

mini and brother said...

Great job Kate. I love Little Gym. Too bad your mom didn't take some videos of you...hahah

Our Family said...

Tell the FAKE Grace she can be a stand-in at gym, but that's it!

Tell Miles we reattached Tre's finger and he appears to have full function back! :)

Klhark said...

Love the smile on her Daddy's lap! And those cartwheels - sad to say they are much better than my current ones :)

Vigilante said...

Love it.
She looked real comfortable on the balance beam, I bet she could of done some cartwheels there too!