Sunday, August 05, 2007

North - Day 1

Josh's family lives in Prescott and it isn't often enough that we get ourselves up to see them... so, we packed up the two small people we made and headed north. Things went pretty well until the mean rain started slamming into our car and freaked Miles out. The only thing that calmed him down was "The Wheels On The Bus" - which we sang. And sang. And sang.

Our hotel had just recently been remodeled and was quite fancy. The kiddos did great - we only had one minor mishap involving some french doors and a certain little boy's thumb.

Aside from the hotel, Ben and Stacey's house was pretty much homebase. Josh's parents are building a house, so they (and Cara) are living with Zack for now. Monday evening we drove over to see how the house is coming along.

Aunt Stacey, Kate and Aunt Cara

Kate started showing off her Little Gym skillz.

Great Granddad and Kater

Grandma Cheryl and Miles

Miles just loves his Granddad

Soon, though, the wee ones got tired... or really, the parents got tired of keeping the wee ones away from the nails and rocks and dirt hills and wooden boards that looked liked stairs...


blogyn said...

Sorry about that scary rain, Miles ;) Looks like a lot of construction site fun!

Klhark said...

Who is Miles look alike?

mini and brother said...

Looks like fun. I love the last cousin picture. So sweet!!
The balancing beam picture would make Maren proud.

Mikele said...

The last picture is Josh with Miles and Gavin. The boys are cousins (His dad is Jake, Josh's next younger brother.) Gavin is about three weeks younger than Miles.

Vigilante said...

Go team Prescott!!