Friday, August 17, 2007

North - Day 2

Back to Prescott...

The kids had an absolute blast playing in Aunt Stacey and Uncle Ben's backyard. The weather was wonderful and they just had a new swingset put in.

Here's a short video of Miles and Gavin on the slide. They really weren't sure about it all until they heard the cheering section...

Kids and Grandkids

Baby Natalie

Apparently, the front yard was good for a little golf lesson...

Hi! I'm Miles and I'll be your golf instructor for the next two minutes

Lesson #1 - This is not the correct way to wear your hat. Can't see nothin'.

I'll be puttin' my ball just right over there.

Yep. Right here. Yep.

Or here. Whatever.


(Sorry to stop the lesson here, folks, but that hat thing was really getting to him.)


blogyn said...

I'm very happy you updated! Now, how long do you think it will be before we get to see pics of more recent events??? ;)
Miles is a cutie!

Jen said...

Miles, your daddy must be so proud!

Vigilante said...

Man I need to get some sun before winter!

Carrie said...

Perhaps Miles and JHB can start a golf academy ... become super successful and allow their moms to buy all the Coach purses their little hearts desire! And seriously ... you can do it. Try it ... I think you might like it ... post something OUT OF ORDER :) Where is Kate's first day of school!

Ter said...

WOW another golfer in the family what will you do while they are all at the course..haha