Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Where Has Oregon?*

The Million Dollar Trip that Josh's boss takes us on was in Lincoln City, Oregon this year. We stayed at the Salishan Resort which is somewhere between Tillamook (think cheese) and Newport.

The first day was crazy with travel - it was a two hour drive from the airport (which turned into three) and then our room wasn't ready for another two hours. However, Yamaha hosted the dinner that night in the Wine Cellar and that was pretty fancy. I totally failed to take my camera, but you get the idea.

Monday was golf for Josh and the spa for me. Heavenly.

This was our view from our balcony - the ninth hole.

I'm not sure what hole this is, but you can see the resort in the distance.

As we were walking to lunch, we saw this:

This is, apparently, the shortest river in the US.

That's the river behind Josh.

Later we went shopping at the Outlet stores, and well... you already know how that went.

On Tuesday we took a drive and ended up eating lunch right on the water.

Afterwards, we walked through some of the shops and found this little guy in a bookshop.

This picture was taken right before he jumped up on my shoulder.

We also found another Oregon landmark:

There were sea lions swimming below - just waiting for someone to throw them fish.

We found a beach and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and getting brave enough to put our feet in the freezing water.

Oh, and Josh found a ladybug in the sand.

Before we left on Wednesday, Josh and I found a nature trail on the grounds.

This is right before we disappeared into the Blair Witch type forest.

This was for the purse.

* Don't be haters and really, I'm not sure where he's gone...


blogyn said...

Looks beautiful and relaxing! Catchy title.

Our Family said...

With cool weather, Coach purses, and a trip to the spa...can I go next time?

Jen said...

Great pictures! What a wonderful vacation...I'm a little a good way...

mini and brother said...

Looks dreamy to me!! I love all the picture and the play by play. Thank you.

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, looks like you had so much fun!! What a great trip. You two look like you just got married!

Carrie said...

I love your look in the pic for the purse and Josh's look! Priceless! I LOVE Oregon ... too bad I can't convince Ben we need to move there. Oh well ... I'm going in 2 weeks so I'll just have to soak in the green while I can!

feather said...

It's amazing that there are parts of the US where you wear pants this time of year!!! Thanks for all the dreamy pictures, it looks like you guys had a great time.

Vigilante said...

Why is it out of all those pictures, I want the kitty cat?

Anonymous said...

quite interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one hear that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.