Monday, December 10, 2007

Almost Four

Since there are a ton of December birthdays in Josh's family, we headed north last week to eat yummy rolled tacos and tear through presents. Kate got to celebrate her upcoming 4th with her Uncle Ben, Aunt Stacey and cousin Natalie.

Four, Baby!

Aunt Stacey and Natalie the Big One Year Old


Gift opening had fun for all - Karen and I spent out time re-folding tissue paper to use again. I wasn't going to do it at first (because it's weird), but then I saw her start and it seemed a bit more normal. (it's not.)

She got a yoga ball - The Seed would be proud.

After dinner, the festivites began. Uncle Jake took the guitar, Kate was on the drums and Gavin tore it up on the dance floor.

Miles has been singing what appears to be, "Happy Birthday To You" all week. Hopefully, he'll be all geared up for her party on Saturday.


Our Family said...

I'm a proud tissue paper recycler!!!

Jen said...

Happy ealry birthday, Kater! I can't wait to have a big peice of cake at your party!

Mrs. Spice said...

Happy Birthday Kate! Am I too old to do cartwheels with you at your party?

mini and brother said...

Gavin danced like a crazy person. Looks like a fun day.

blogyn said...

Looking forward your party, Kate! Hard to believe she's 4 already :)

Carrie said...

Refolding tissue paper is an art! My mom also refolds wrapping paper and thinks you should line your drawers with it ... now that is weird!

Rachel said...

Happy birthday, Kate!!

Our Family said...

Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for inviting us to your cool party. (Even if we did only stay for 5 minutes. We're sorry.) WE LOVE YOU CRAZY KATERS!!!