Saturday, December 22, 2007

Babes In Toyland

Sorry to freak a few of you out... Kate is fine. Our well child visit quickly turned into a sick visit when Dr. Bishop heard her wheezing - hence the breathing treatment. All tests came back negative for anything really yucky and her cough seems to be much better today. Miles, however, had a treatment this morning too. Thanks for all the prayers -

On to Past Events Of A Tardy Poster:

Kate and I went on a date to see "Babes In Toyland" with our friends, Gaynor, Michael and Daniel. It was a dinner theater - well, lunch - and we got to munch on kid favorites like mac and cheese and fish sticks at 10:30 am. We had a lot of fun.

My friend, Joy, organized the whole thing and she scored front row middle seats for us. It was pretty fantastic.

Joy, Carter and Brogan

Afterwards, we stood in line to meet the cast. The girls were Kate's favorites.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary and Kate

She even took a picture with the villians, even though she really didn't want to go near Barnaby.
I think she's going to be a fellow theatre lover and I can't tell you how happy that makes me.


Jen said...

How fun!!

Glad Katers feeling better!

Rachel said...

I'm glad Kate's ok, how scary!