Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Party

Kate had her party at The Little Gym this year. What a fun night!

During circle time, they said their names and then picked what they wanted to put on the "birthday cake." I think someone said, "cheese."

Warm-up time with Amelia


I think the adults were entertained as well...


Madison and Grace doin' the beam


Miles and Joshua shared the bar...

... and some guy love.

The air track was a crowd favorite...


Emily and Kennedy the Jumping Bean


Joshua (minus Mook)


Pizza and cake time

Jessica and Kate

Oh, the cake!!! Our friend, Candi, made it and it was just fabulous.

Scotty was the behind the scene star of this little video - he came swooping up behind me right in time to blow out Kate's candles. You might even hear him say, "I did it!"

She had a great time opening her gifts - we've already listened to the "Beauty and the Beast" soundtrack four times.

Eli and Jordan gave rave reviews.

Pink goodie bags for all!

Happy B-day, Crazy Kater.


Jen said...

What a great party! We had a great time!

And I know my girls look alot alike, but the bay's name is Jordan, remember?

Mikele said...

Oh!!!!!!!!!!! I fixed it, but next time, try to switch it up a little, would ya?

Carrie said...

I'd have to say ... you throw a mean party! Glad I still got an invitation ... apparently the 5th time you invite someone ... they finally show up :) GREAT CAKE!

feather said...

Great Party.... Little Man is still talking about Tate's Party :) Happy Birthday once again Kate. When is the unbirthday party at Little Gym?

Klhark said...

Should I apologize for my nephew having a few too many Criddle genes? It looks like it was a great night and what a great photographer you have. I loved see all of the kids' faces. Happy #4 from your Iowa Fam Kater!

Mrs. Spice said...

Kate really knows how to throw a party! She had us rockin' all night! I wish you had gotten a picture of my amazing dismount from the balance beam. Maybe next year.

mini and brother said...

Really great party. I loved it all. Glad little Scotty could help with the candles.

blogyn said...

GREAT party, Kel! You are an event planner extraordinaire. Can we go to Little Gym for my 31st next year?