Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Change Is Good

Recently, the blog world lost one of it's own. Mad Dog's Blog, famous for bringing you such posts as Pictures of Madison Stuck in Stuff Like A Christmas Tree and Their Coffee Table and "The Cat Door" video, ceased to exist.

However, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Jen is back and bold and sporting a new template. Her new blog, Fun With The Walshes, is private and all-exclusive like, so if you'd like a pass, shoot her or me an email and she'll get your name on the list. It's worth it, 'cause there's already a picture up of Jordan with a pig on her head.

I'm third to announce it, but Fun Kristi has joined the masses and There's More To Life Than Laundry has made it's debut. Check her out - because she's fun. The word "fun" is actually in her name. She has three wee girls, Grace, Cora (Coco) and Mary and they are very precious. Here's three things about her that will help ya'll get aquatinted:

1. She was asked on two different occasions to pose for a certain magazine, and declined.

2. If you ask her about Grace starting Kindergarten this year, she will cry.

3. She has extrememly straight hair and I am a little envious.

Lastly, I need some truth. Most likely with a bit of change mixed in. You know how you grow up surrounding by certain things and they seem normal? Are these rug things really outdated? (Please Mom, don't get offended.)

I've been trying to picture all of my friends' bathrooms (weird) and I seem to be the only one with these ... Do they need to go? Help! I'm an only child! It took me until college to buy an underwire bra and I still can't do my eyeshadow correctly. Tell me. I can take it.


Jen said...

1st-Thanks for the shout out!

2nd-I, too, am envious of Fun Christy's hair-straightness and color.

3rd- The fuzzy floor mat isn't so bad...who doesn't love squishing their toes thru shag carpeting while using the toilet. But the fuzzy seat cover, I'm sorry to say, I've only ever seen at your house...and my grandma's...

Jen said...

Oops, sorry I spelled your name wrong, Fun Kristi

Carrie said...

Fuzzy seat covers ... I think those might have been one of those really great things from the 80's? But hey ... I think the toilet might be the ugliest thing in a house and anything to "dress it up" would be a huge improvement! And I have a paint-by-number chart from MAC on "How to do Eye Shadow" ... want to borrow it?

Kristi said...

I believe in our relatively short friendship, I love you like no other. That said, let me say that if you would ever invite me to your house (hello), my diaper bag would have oh so covertly been overflowing with three toilet covers and three around the toilet mats. You would have thanked me later.

Thanks for the shout out -- and for refraining to mention the ahem, 40 pounds more of me to love since the aforementioned magazine came callin'.

Kristi said...

And for a mere $350, you too can have straight hair.

Mrs. Spice said... we go:
1. Love Jen's new blog. I am sorry for the loss of the old one. Gross people stink.

2. Love Fun Kristi. We are BFF...she already told me!!! She is still hot after 3 kids and I don't care what she says.

3. Lose the toilet decorations. Oh, and wireless bra's...back in...if I had perfect perkies like you...I wouldn't wear a bra. I buy by bras from home depot...I need steel beam supports to hold these suckers up.

The Geryol Adventure said...

Yeah well...fuzzy for the toes is good (i agree jen). But i'd have to so Adios seat covers:)

mini and brother said...

I wish I were as witty as you all. I have a lot of funny things to say but I'm just not a good typer.
Welcome back Jen!
Welcome Fun Kristy!
Goodbye Fuzzy bathroom.

Klhark said...

My MIL has maroon ones from Kmart if that answers your question :)

Cherie said...

I have to say the most important reason not to use a toilet cover is that when the little ones drip on the seat the cover will absorb it and there it will stay until the wash! Not a pretty thought.