Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In The Meantime

I know you are all waiting to hear about Josh's adventures, but since it might take him a little while to get it together, I thought I'd entertain you with pictures from our trip to California. We went to Rancho Cuchomunga to visit Josh's relatives, Gregg and Malorie. They have 3 older kids - Caty and Emily who are 14 (Happy Birthday!) and Jameson who is 17. We had a great time.

The 6 hour drive was amazingly easy. Exhibit A

Exhibit B - how did I ever live without the DVD player???

Malorie has a salon right there in her house. Why did I NOT get my eyebrows done? I tell you, they are overtaking my face.

Kate's turn

Oh, behold the cuteness.

Miles' turn

On Friday we took a short drive over to Knott's Berry Farm. There were less than 200 hundred people in the whole park, so Snoopy was walking around aimlessly when we found him.

One of the many trains we rode that day.

Miles enjoyed the trains, yes?

And the trucks...

and the cars...

Emily took us to Victoria Gardens on Saturday. It was a sweet outdoor mall with a little train that the kids got to ride.

Just a little spray pad in January action

Kate borrowed this cool bed from Grace for our trip. Miles was gracious enough to try it out for her. He said that it was best while naked. Yes, I'll wash it.

A pedicure

Malorie, Gregg and Miles

Bedtime stories

Our last day

Giving goodbye kisses

Miles was in love with Chloe and was determined to say goodbye.

Thanks, guys, for putting up with us for four days. Love you!!


blogyn said...

Kate's face in the splash pad pic is classic! Please tell Gregg and Malorie I'd like to come for a visit and I love updos ;) Looks so fun and I'm thankful you were able to go!

Mrs. Spice said...

Okay, my only concern is "exhibit A"...uh, cute pic...however, I noticed it was taken while you are driving on the highway...just about to be passed by a trailer-truck. And it's not even really a concern....as much as a deep, deep love for what you will do to get a good blog pic. I have a bit of a blog crush on you for that.
Oh, and I think Miles face on the train...priceless.

Our Family said...

I won't share with Grace that Miles had his naked bum on her bed. She'd giggle way too much!

P.S. Can we request to have the bed washed BEFORE Josh's bug infested clothes? :)

Kristi said...

Glad to know Snoopy had reason to live! I do believe I've never seen him happier...

Jen said...

What? You didn't want to get a pedicure? I know how you love that kinda thing... ;o)

Carrie said...

Hmm ... funny, I didn't even think of you taking the picture while you were driving ... which is why Mrs. Spice if way smarter than me! Tell me you took that while you were stopped? How does the new camera work??

mini and brother said...

Looks like so much fun. What a nice family.
I think Kater looks just like you with her hair fancy.

Klhark said...

That Spikey Haired Boy looks like he's ready for an agent. What great family time!