Monday, February 25, 2008

"I Gonna Be Two!"

Well, he's gone and turned two, people. Here's a re-cap - in case you missed it...

1st birthday - February 2007

In March with good buddy, J-How

Celebrating Easter in May with Colin and Scotty

He got tubes put in his ears in May...

... and slid down a wall in June

Swimming lessons in July

August (man, was I blond!)

Our tv broke temporarily in September and this is a look of pure joy about the replacement

Halloween with Luke in October

A trip to Disney in November

December snow (trucked in, mind you)

In January, we visited Grandma Cheryl while Josh was in India (he still owes us a post!)

I couldn't resist another birthday picture with Grandma

Happy 2nd Birthday, Buddy. We love you a whole lot.


Mrs. Spice said...

Well, make 2 look cool! You also now how to throw a crazy Backyardigans party. I love you little guy...even if you don't call me DaDa anymore. Love you!

Kristi said...

My, how they grow! STOP IT!!!!

mini and brother said...

Such a sweet little joyful Buddy.
What a great year, can't wait to see what the next year holds.

Jen said...

I guess I should stop calling him "Baby Miles." Happy Birthday, Dude!

feather said...

He's a two year old who knows how to throw a great party and bring on the sunshine :) We look forward to watching you grow....sniff sniff

Astraea said...

You must be two because you can say "Traea"! I love it. You are such a cutie. We love you, Bud.

P.S. The TV picture is one of my favorites!

Carrie said...

Digging the blonde blast from the past! Love the pic of M and J in the "cage!" Happy birthday Miles! Great dance party!

Rachel said...

Happy birthday, Miles! What a big boy.

blogyn said...

Love you Miles! Can't believe you're getting so big!