Tuesday, July 08, 2008


The blogworld just got a little better...
Check it.
Jason, Jennifer and their family - which includes new baby Titus - have ventured out into the blog-o-sphere with The Domey Scene. It makes me want to squeeze his little cheeks through my monitor.
My friend (and fellow Bunco Babe) Kelley has two new additions. It's Hutta Time and her soon to be born baby girl. She's probably moving to Colorado soon, so get hooked on her blog now to see how Big Brother Ryan adjusts to a new sibling and a new locale. Also! Sweet Baby Hutta's middle name just happens to be spelled exactly like my first name. She's sooooo getting a expensive gift.
Montana and Aubrey are our newlywed friends and even though they don't come up for air very often to write a new post (hint), you should drop by there anyway. Ha!
Now, I know that all of us have blog-stalking tendencies, so I don't feel any need to explain myself. No, I don't know personally either one of the following people. Yes, a few years ago I would have thought of myself as strange. No, this does not keep me up at night - unless I find myself deep in their archives.
Beth Moore's blog - Living Proof Ministries
As an honorable mention, Holly's best friend, Dana, has been in town this week. She has a lovely blog called Just Jonesing Around, however, it's all dusty and stuff. Now that I've officially met and love her, I am demanding to be updated since October of '07. Please.
Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. That would make me look a bit obsessed. And we all know that I'm not. Right? People?


CandiDurbin said...

thanks for all the new links:)

Kristi said...

Who, you, obsessive? Never.

Yeah, Dana, we want in your daily life. Make it happen. ;)

Carrie said...

Look at you ... keeping the world connected, one blog at a time!

mini and brother said...

Welcome everyone!! I love this way of staying connected!