Sunday, October 26, 2008

Retreat - A Time For:

Eating pie Phase 10 (side note... I won... a lot.)
Sheets of rain Chatting
Eating dinner under the light of an antler chandelier
Riding in the Awesome Bus
Declaring your love for... well, check Josiah's hat.
Getting Ready To Jump!

Coming home to the ones you love.

ps - JJ has a blog! Here's the link.


Carrie said...

Kate ... great air time! Miles ... love that you are a multi-tasker. Fingers crossed while jumping ... serious talent!

Mikele ... NICE GAME FACE! Shall we call you Game Mikele??

Robyn said...

1) I love all the pictures! I'm so glad it was a great retreat :)
2) I'm still waiting for my JJ CD from 3 years ago.
3) For Throwback Thursday this week I'd like to suggest the original jump shot because I got some serious air. Like maybe 3 inches.

Kristi said...

I second Robyn's Throwback Thursday request. Either that or your sixth picture from your sixth file.

I need coffee.

mini and brother said...

Love it all. So glad it was a fun time. Miss you.

Jen said...

1) Wish I was there!
2) Chris Brown-you really need to work on your jump...
3)Robyn...sorry...Mikle gave me whe CD's last year after I complained so much about how long it was taking her to copy them...I guess I'm not doing much better...dangit. I'll totally get started on those right away...

Dana said...

Mrs. Spice, just jump off the rocks already!