Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cubbie Goes Green

The city has opened a new Environmental Education Center down the road and they are offering a bunch of cheap programs for the kids, so Heather and I took off to educate our young on desert wildlife...

Kate, our in-house AWANA expert, had Cubbie Bear for the week, so we took him along.

Cubbie was fascinated by the ants and various cacti that surrounded him.

Miles, however, concentrated on the basics of magnifying glass usage.

Colin graciously offered the use of his GIGANTIC glass for Miles' continued education.

Smooshing the ants with the glass is more fun, but not on the agenda, per se.

They have a large lake in the back of the center. Heather and I just focused on making sure no one fell in.

Hey Guys! Wanna watch a snake eat a frozen baby mouse? Yeah? Let's Go!

Now, you wanna touch it???? Consider us one step closer to actual tree hugging. Stay tuned for Kate's first field trip. And yes, we did go to the city's solid waste management plant to learn about recycling. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity folks.


Mrs. Spice said...

Now...I remember why I didn't do that class. I can't stand to see innocent...little...cute...ants...get squished.

Jen said...

Why was Sean at the lake? That's weird...