Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Very First White Christmas

This was the first year that we spend Christmas at our little cabin in Pine. It was a dream to wake up with snow on the ground.

Our inital sledding experience was on a slightly sloped driveway of some kind. We rode until we hit dirt.

Then we found this place...

The snow was a little deep... Home again, all warmed up The kiddos really liked the opening of the stuff. At one point, after receiving a batch of princess Barbies, Kate announced, "I'm done. Skip me." Finally, a little ditty to wish you a very Merry Christmas...
... and a Happy New Year!


Astraea said...

1. HOLY SMOKES!! I'm calling CPS. Your kids didn't have gifts under the tree this year!

2. Never sled in jeans and tennies. You're asking for a chill that way! ;)

3. The snow is so deep here, we almost lost a child!

Rachel said...

Sledding looks like fun!

Also, please tell me those were gifts for your entire 30 person family!! YIKES!

mini and brother said...

1. That many presents are for like 200 people.
2. Poor Grandma Jan's shoe.
3. Poor Grandma Jan getting run over.
4. Poor Josh with no coat.
5. ...Almost fun it is to ride...
Love you all and miss you more. It seem wrong that you're in the snow without us.

Dana said...

Sydney was wondering if Miles is free to go to the park and share some juice boxes next week??

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