Monday, February 02, 2009

It's Show Week! (Or WAS, Anyway...)

This is an oldie. A whole other year oldie. But it's Miles. So I know you'll let it slide.
He did the Little Gym thing in the fall and this here's the big finale.

He is in love with Ms. Amy and it just might be mutual. This is when he was explaining to her that his Grandpa came to watch. Waiting for his turn.


This just makes me laugh. Insert your best caption.

For Miles, it wasn't really about the gynmastics - he knew that the ladies would be in high number and that Eva wouldn't slap him when he tried to play footsies.

Miles and Grandpa Honestly, this video is so characteristic of Miles. There's no sound since I used my dad's camera, so you'll have to hum during the song, but - at least watch the ending, because that's the good part. Ta-da!


Kristi said...

Ooooh skwoooshy!

Carrie said...

Love that you have a thing for the ladies, Miles! I'm sure there will be some competition between you and J. How next year! Hopefully, some of the girls have a thing for dark eyes and the others like a blue-ish green!

Robyn said...

He's such a little gentleman at the end of the video!

Dana said...

Already a ladies man! Whas 'sup ladies.