Monday, March 16, 2009

My, No Wait. Kate's Project

Kate's class is learning about the Ice Age. Naturally, the kids picked this topic because they thought that they were going to have a study on the movie. Kate was number one in project presentation and we (I) wanted to make it a tough act for Grace (Astraea) to follow. Ha.
The presenter

The video is a little long, but precious. Anyone wanna guess what Kate does when she gets nervous? And this is how Mommy kept Miles busy... God bless suckers. This one was a green coyote from his Arizona Animal Adventures class. God bless parks and recreation too while we're at it.


Carrie said...

Nice work, Kate (um .. Mikele!)

Can't wait to see what kind of grades you get at GCS next year!

Mrs. Spice said...

I love Ms. Deb! Great job Kate! Surrey Garden will be lucky to have you....both!

Robyn said...

Good job, I mean Kate! ;) The calendar in the background gives you away...time for a post from March, perhaps?