Monday, May 11, 2009

A Moment Of Silence

She's gone. The punks stole her. It was a smash and grap right in my very own driveway, and by smash I mean, open the door, because I forgot to lock it. Moron. She was holding my camera too, and what really lights me up is that some lunatic out there looked at Kate's Awana pictures. It's just violating.
Josh lost his iPhone in the process, so he was officially a widower until a few hours ago when he got his new one. Target, here I come. Please be careful not to mock the purse I will choose. I have no fashion sense.
One of the worst parts about that night was that when the officer came to fingerprint my car, I couldn't even photograph her doing it. Dang.
It's all gonna burn anyway, do I hear an Amen?!


Jen said...

Amen! And...Damn little freakin punks!

Kristi said...


Astraea said...

I'm going to be your mother right now...Stop leaving your purse, wallet, cellphone, etc. in your car!!! Take the extra five seconds to round up your stuff and bring it inside. YOU DRIVE A LEXUS!!! THEY THINK YOU HAVE LOTS OF MONEY!!

Astraea said...

I know I probably drive you nuts...BUT, there was a story on the news today. There have been some robberies in the East Valley where people took the garage door opener out of the car, opened the door and robbed the garage and could get into the house because people don't lock the door into the house!!!!!!!