Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cheering For Jesus

Kate made her way into three VBSs this summer and the first one had a sports theme. She promptly signed up for cheerleading and was thereafter known as "Kate-a-roo-ski-bob."

Kate, Kate and Tess. She said that their "heads were the same." Emily, Kate and Kennedy Go Team Jesus!


Kristi said...

Gracie went to preschool with them & used to say:
"Kate or Tess said..."
"Kate or Tess did...."
"Kate or Tess is funny..."
"Kate or Tess is my best friend!"

Robyn said...

I'm glad that Kate's following in her mom's cheerleading footsteps :) Did you show her your really long cheer skirt? I love your countdown ticker by the way...seriously 6 days?!?!

mini and brother said...

The video isn't working but I love all the crazy faces in the pictures.
ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!