Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We've Only Just Begun

Miles started preschool yesterday. Loved it. Every minute. Loved the apples and bananas song, loved the toy vacuum cleaner, loved Miss Chrissy and Miss Allison and loved getting to paint. I only hope he didn't out me by asking what the heck the paintbrush was for.

We got there early, with plenty of time for pictures. Miles showed me where he wanted to stand.

And here.
Then Joshua arrived...
...and Miss Chrissy appeared.
A themed preschool!!!! It's like a dream come true.
He was thrilled. He had a great time and is super excited to go back tomorrow. I'm searching for clothing that is A related. I'm not kidding...
ps... what does 5 little monkeys have to do with the letter A?


Carrie said...

I was wondering about that one too. Maybe ... the part where it goes "Someone called A doctor and A doctor said???" That's all I got!

Oh ... and no worries about Miles and paintbrushes. I busted those out last week while you were at your volunteer meeting. :)

mini and brother said...

I want Junie with those 2 crazies!
Sweet cool hair My-yo's.

Jen said...

Miles, give Miss Chrissy and Miss Allison big hugs for us! You're gonna LOVE their class!

Robyn said...

So sweet! Enjoy preschool Miles, and get really messy while you're there. Mom LOVES that. ;)

Jasmyn said...

Ok 1st you took waaaay better pics than I did.
Second, I did not even know that board with all the activities was you can tell I really pay attention to detail.
3rd, where's my pic??? j/k:)

Kade loves it too, and the vacuum must be a popular toy!

Anonymous said...

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