Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Now Time For... Pictures I Found On Josh's Camera!

I'll try to explain some of these...

His self-portait during his sleep study.

His office at work is on the left. He said that someone just rode in the store on their bicycle and then parked it right there.

He bought a sweet new camera for work and has been practicing on the kiddos.

This is Kate's personality all wrapped up into one photo.

Sean, Lance, Josh and Adam on their A-TOAL (Almost Trip Of A Lifetime - almost, because Scott and Ben couldn't be there). Anyway, they did lots of guys stuff... like shooting an Uzi at the firing range and chucking golf balls down building steps to see how far it would roll.

Recognize the shirt, Heather?

He was also the official photographer of Jen's last Bunco. The End.


Carrie said...

Um. A-TOAL. Ben was missing too. I won't tell him you forgot to mention him. He might egg your car next time you drop off Kate :)

And I think Josh should let you borrow the new camera.

Mikele said...

Amended. So sorry. I'm scared of the camera.

Carrie said...

Your car thanks you :)

mini and brother said...

Love it all!

Jen said...

I particularly love Lance's face in the one of the guys and their guns. It cracks me up every time I see it!

And GREAT pictures of the kids, Josh! Very artsy.

Jasmyn said...

love Josh's self portrait...hope that sleep study was helpful! So jealous of new camera...mine is currently being held together by a rubber band!