Friday, January 08, 2010

A Letter From Mac

Dear Mom and Dad, We had a great time at the park! There was so much to do and none of it included making snowmen.

We played on the big playground and all was well until Scotty dumped sand where Amelia was going to walk. Can you see his hand and blue cup? Aunt Mikele said that this is what you call a "before picture."

The teenagers rode their scooters all over the place. Scotty was so fast! I tried to keep up, but it was difficult, seeing that my shoes were at Heather's house. I settled on showing Aunt Mikele how tall our new brother will be someday.

We ate snacks. We napped in the warm sun. I went up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs, down the stairs. Repeat.

Aunt Mikele was extremely patient and loving. Isn't she beautiful? I decided that I would find her a present...

She said thank you, but then threw the poop into the bush and promptly scrubbed my hand. I'm still pretty sure she was flattered.

I found a drain and kept myself busy by putting things in it.

And when I needed a quick rest, I just leaned. It was a really fun morning. I've decided that I'm gonna stay here.
Aunt Mikele will send me back someday. Bye! Love,


Blog Stalker said...

Mac is a very prompt blogger. He must have had a great time. The Midwest is fun though. Come back, Macker! Cousin Lulu misses you.

Kers said...

Visions of a tall brother and poop in hand. What a day! Mack-aroni please tell Aunt Mikele that Aunt Kers would like a 3 month visit too :)

Mrs. Spice said...

I think you should keep him. They already have 2 other kids and are getting another one. It's only fair.

Love those kids!! Too cute! You too Kel!

Carrie said...

Looks like fun in the 'ol Mayberry joint. I thought we paid a lot of money to have that poop scooped up. I guess not.

Robyn said...

How fun! Love your recap and wish I was there with you when Mac handed you poop.

Jasmyn said...

I am proud of you for letting the poop stay on his hand long enough to get a picture...Impressive:)

Jen said...

Love the recap! Love the picture of the poopy hand! Love "Mac-attack's" witty commentary! Loved that you had one of them take a picture of you then wrote nice things about yourself! Love those kiddos!