Monday, May 03, 2010


Five friends. Four days.
The Gtoalsa.
The boys started it years ago with the TOAL (Trip of a Lifetime) and since then, we've celebrated a lot of them. I even named my blog for it. This one was The Girls Trip of a Lifetime - San Antonio. Josh said it sounded like we were headed to 4-H camp, but we embraced it.
Jordan-o and Jen met us at the airport and off we went... to the soundtrack of Glee. Katie, Jordan, Yours Truly, Robyn and Heather

On Friday we went to Boerne and shopped till Jordan dropped. We even packed a lunch and ate chicken salad while we talked politics. Really.

Five "mommies" can keep a girl pretty entertained.

That night we graced the Riverwalk for dinner. Katie started the game called, "GoaroundthetableandsaywhatyourhighandlowoftheyearwasandwhatGodisteachingyou." I think we all cried. This is why I love these girls.

Ok, Saturday morning I thought that I would join Heather and Katie for a jog around the block. I did NOT keep up and I had shin pain for days. I'm not built for endurance. This was afterwards. They will hate me for this picture, but I was really just wanted to call attention to Jen's groundcover in her front yard.

Later that day, we took off for Austin. Heather found a sign depicting her name from her clubbing days.

We ate lunch at Sandra Bullock's restaurant - Walton's Fancy and Staple. Mmmmmm... Monte Cristo...

That afternoon, we jumped. But you're gonna have to wait for those goodies.

On our way back from Austin, Jen's GPS (named Gina) got us lost, but we spent our extra time wisely enough...

Heather is now only allowed to rap.

Sunday morning. The Pancake Haus. Where every meal comes with a side of pancakes. These two finished off their plates in ten minutes flat. I'm not kidding.

Jordan and Madison

This was the last shot. On our way to the airport. I think Katie was already crying.

It was a perfect trip. We crafted, watched a movie at 1 am, ate dinner made solely of appetizers, Glee!, got free dessert by declaring it Katie's birthday (June), and laughed over everything.

Countdown to the next one, girls? Love you.


Jen said...

Few things to say..

1) LOVE this post! I feel like I don't need to post any more because you covered it all so well!

2) Loved every single second of the trip...but I love it even more now, after your recap.

3) I cannot wait to see the jump pictures!

4) The video in the car is my absolute favorite part of the entire visit!

5) I'm glad (and kinda surprised) we didn't crash!

6) I'm still mad at Gina.

7) Happy birthday, Katie!

feather said...

Thanks for the great recap, now I can link it on my blog :) A few more comments:

1. This post makes me cry
2. I am so happy you weren't stressed when Gina was out of control
3. Hearing myself sing again makes me know for sure, I will only be rapping
4. Jordan has dance moves
5. Thanks for a fantastic weekend!

Robyn said...

I love you and I love this. Thanks for posting so quickly! Who ARE you? And just to make it very clear, I was lip synching in the video. But I do wish I could sing with abandon like Heather ;) And car dance like you. Best trip ever!

mini and brother said...

I feel the need to have points too so here I go.
1. I cried when I read this post.
2. It's amazing you even remember Glee... if you know what I mean.
3. You forgot to mention that cute shirt we saw in the outside market.
4. Sandra looked so happy with her new baby. Could you believe she was making our sandwiches?
5. The part where you fell in the little creek at my birthday dinner.
6. Having friends like you guys is seriously Austin.
Love you.

Jen said...

Don't worry, Katie, I will be posting the part where she fell in the "river" on my Day 3.

Carrie said...

Love that you gals had such a great time. M has promises that once I'm without child ... I can jump too. I can't wait.

Scott Murray said...

Is it OK, that I am crying a little bit! Love you all!!! Wish we all lived together again!

Kim F said...


Jasmyn said...

Love it all! Can't wait to see the jump pics and hear more recaps of it all on the way to BSF!