Friday, June 11, 2010


It has been the most fabulous week (or so) and we've been so busy doing awesome stuff, that I haven't been able to sit down and tell the internet...
Josh and I had a weekend getaway for our anniversary at the Arizona Grand.

It was glorious.

We sat by the pool all day (hello, lobsters) and sadly, this is our only self portrait... ...had a champagne toast, breakfast at Cracker Barrel (???), took napzzzzzzzz...

... bought ourselves new anniversary plates at IKEA...

... enjoyed yummy desserts courtesy of our friends (THANK YOU!)...

... and on the last day, my mom brought the kids over and we spent the day at the hotel's waterpark. They loved the wave pool and pushing the buttons on the elevator.


As we were (literally) pulling out of the hotel, I got a call from Jen. I know most of you already know this wonderful news, but SHE IS MOVING BACK!!! To Arizona! To me! Hooray!!!! Today, we got even better news... Madison was able to get into Gilbert Christian and she and Kate will be going to school together. I may burst. With joy.

We've been going to swim lessons again this year at Pecos and on Wednesday I looked up and who is walking towards me?!?!? Amelia!!
Scott, Katie and the kiddos had driven all the long way from Chicago (26 hours-ish) as a surprise! It was a total scream fest at the public pool.
The next few days was a flurry of time spent with our precious friends. First, we snuck over to Adam and Heather's...
... where Heather showed her excitement with more herkies. The kids played and loved on each other.
There was some love amongst the adults as well.
We spent the afternoon swimming in the pool and eating popsicles. On Friday night, we went to The Living Room for dinner and then back to the mansion for handball, cornhole and complete pandemoniom.
On Saturday... what do you think we did?
Oh, yes we did! Josh took 270 pictures (not exaggerating), so stay tuned.
This week we jumped right into 2 Vacation Bible Schools and more swim lessons. Oh, and some Glee dance parties... Lastly, my sweet friend, Carrie, is having her baby girl tomorrow morning!!! I am beyond ecstatic for her, Ben and the boys. Fly over to her blog to give her love. Pink love.
Life could only be better if we were in Hawaii.


Carrie said...

Seriously. I'd love to be having this baby in Hawaii. Why didn't you think of that idea sooner?

Love that M and K will be at Gilbert next year ... SO FUN! Now if you all could just sell your houses and move into Mayberry ... my life would be practically perfect!

Carrie said...

Oh ... and seeing the new dishes ... just made me so proud! Is that weird I'm proud of your dish purchase? I'm trying to tell myself that's a normal reaction ... where are the coffee mugs?

Mikele said...

We didn't buy them because Josh wants those colored ones in the vertical holder thingie that he saw in Texas. I think they're the same ones that they have at The Coffee Shop...

Jen said...

I feel like I need to comment on everything...

Yay for me coming home! So excited to have friends again!

Love seeing all the kids playing together!

Is Katie holding Heather up with one arm??

You 3 look so blonde and beautiful in that picture!

"The Mansion" that what we're calling it now? Good to know.

LOVE the matching Disney shirts! Did Katie find them on clearance somewhere?

And I thought Miles was mad about the song choice....but then I realized he was just engulfed in the music.

Jen said...

And Carrie, believe me, if we could sell our house and move into Mayberry, my life would be just about perfect too!

Jasmyn said...

July is going to have a tough time following in June's footsteps! What a wonderful whirlwind of days!

feather said...

Best week! Thanks for the wonderful recap, I think I am still waiting for the fog to clear to post!

The kids are too cute in their matching T-Shirts (Thanks Katie)!

I can't wait to jump into Jen's arms in a few weeks too. I know how much she loves that!

Robyn said...

Love it all! Love the Surprise Visit of a Lifetime complete with Disney trip, love that the W's are headed back home, and love that Miles is a Glee/Gaga fan with some serious intensity. Miss you!