Sunday, June 27, 2010

So... What Did You Do This Week?

Me, I was a skunk.
Stinky Skunk, to be more accurate.
A skunk that also had a fart machine taped to her innards.

You would think that my pride would be all but shaken, however...

... at least underneath... my toes looked cute.
It was almost all for the kids. I dressed up as a skunk for five days - in the Arizona summer - for our church's Vacation Bible School. We call it "Blast Extreme." This year the theme was "The Go Club" and I was elected to be the mascot. Let's be honest... I loved it, but knowing that over 400 kids got to spend a week hearing about Jesus made it awesome.

Yep. Worth it.

The only things that would have made it perfect would have been a microphone and if we were in Hawaii.

What did YOU do this week?


Kristi said...

As if we're supposed to top that?! Super fun!

The McPoland Family said...

Um, can you bring that little fun noise maker to small group???! he he. Way to sweat it out all for God's glory...even if you looked like a skunk. A cute skunk, I might add. ~ Thanks for your prayers.

Robyn said...

I'm so happy you are my friend. Love you, Stinky!

Jen said...

I love that you took a video of the actual fart noise, Weirdo.

Carrie said...

I gave birth to a child. Oh wait ... that was last week. Yep ... you being a skunk totally wins!

Rachel said...

So funny, Mikele!