Monday, September 13, 2010


Oh, today is a banner day! My Kate lost her first tooth! It's like a rite of passage. Some reminder that she's no longer my baby. She's growing up. I'm so glad to say that I don't look back and have to be sad to have missed her childhood. I've been blessed to be there.
So her tooth has been wiggly for a couple of days now and last night it was really hurting her to eat, so we knew that the time was near. Mrs. Lindberg is known around the school for being a toothpuller. It's a little quirk that she has. Why have I still not gotten a picture of her? Anyway, I gave her a head's up on Kate this morning and she got a really excited look on her face. "Can I pull it?" I told her that she had my permission, but I wasn't sure Kate would go for it.
I saw Kate at 10 and she still had it in, but she walked in the door after school and there... taped to her notebook... was the tooth.
Can you see that little sucker?
I swear she got cuter.
Apparently, Mrs. Lindberg did get her hands on Kate's face and using a tissue, popped it right out. I asked her if it hurt and she answered, "Just a smidge." I'm guessing that's a Mrs. Lindberg word as well.
She's off right now writing a letter to the tooth fairy. Seriously. She knows the truth about Santa, so I'm holding on to this one as long as I can.


Carrie said...

I knew it wouldn't last long once Robin knew about it! And she did just get cuter ... love that new smile!!!

The McPoland Family said...

Awwwww, so cute. Look at that precioius face :)

Jen said...

She looks so much OLDER!! Can Mrs. Lindberg pull Mdog's too?

feather said...

Thanks for the angle shot! She looks so CUTE!

mini and brother said...

My stinkin' computer would not let me comment all day yesterday. I LOVE this so much. How can she be so old. I remember when her teeth came in and now they're coming out... no way!
Her face is beautiful!!

Robyn said...

Tell Kater we are proud of her for being so brave with that tooth!!! She's adorable.