Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DIY Nativity

We don't own a nativity set.
I have no idea why.
This year I saw a pretty clever idea on another blog and decided to pirate it for our own enjoyment.
The Do It Yourselves Nativity.
The jist is to build a nativity out of stuff we have around the house. First we sat down to read the story of Jesus' birth and made sure we were knowledgeable on the cast of characters. Then... Go!

First, we needed an angel. Kate made sure we called her(him) Gabriel. Miles made sure she could fly.

It added a realistic flair.
Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus were next. Kate is still appalled at what was chosen for Jesus, but the manger is an impressive use of Christian symbolism.
Then came the animals...
... and various shepheards and wisemen. For one second I thought maybe I could help, but Miles declared that his Power Rangers could not possibly be shepherds! They are Power Rangers! Unable to convince him that it was all pretend... I let them finish unhindered.
Please notice the prospector and donkey that my dad brought back when he returned from his goldpanning trip in Alaska. He would be thrilled that they were chosen to represent.
Miles brought in the barn and we had a finished nativity! And the best part is that next year it will look completely different!


Rangels said...

That's a great idea for older kids that "get". That will be fun in a few years. By the way it looks way cool!

Carrie said...

Love it. CJane would be proud! And I've never seen the angel Gabriel look better! Maybe next year, you can bust out some paints and let them create a mural? Is that pushing it?

Kim F said...

oh my! love this! (esp the flying angel)

mini and brother said...

We took your idea and did it too. It was so awesome. I took pictures and will blog... someday.

Rachel said...

I love it! How fun.

Kristin said...

I didn't even notice the manger when I saw the nativity last week...nice!

Jen said...

Their faces are the best part! They're obviously so proud of their creation!

Robyn said...

Love every bit of this.