Monday, January 17, 2011

The Actual Day

On Kate's actual birthday, she took cookies to school for her class. She chose footballs for the boys... ...and stars for the girls.
While we waited for her class, Miles gave me a karate demonstration.

It was spirit week and that particular day was Nativity Day. Both Mrs. Lindberg and Kate were angels, but by the end of the day, Kate's costume had somewhat disappeared.

After school we invaded Krispy Kreme!!! We ate doughnuts and JUMPED!



Amy said...

WOW! Heather can jump really high, and with a kid in her arms!!! Happy Birthday, again, sweet girl!

Jen said...

Ahhhhh....I almost forgot about that day! So fun! Kate's picture is my absolute favorite!

Carrie said...

Love the jump shots. Some day. Happy Birthday, Katers!

The McPoland Family said...

How cute, I especially loved the karate demo. Aweosme!

Robyn said...

Kate's side leg reminds me of my own jump style. Sweetness!