Sunday, February 13, 2011

Toothless Tahlula

Before I begin, let me just explain one (of the many) quirks I have. I'm a re-gifter. Don't judge me. I like the idea of passing things on that we won't use, however, it has bitten me in the rear more than once. I re-gift with my kids too - they both have winter birthdays and they get a ton from Christmas, so I put about half of their stash away to give out during the year. Yes, sometimes as rewards, sometimes just because we need to rotate some new stuff in. This keeps me from having to buy them toys or anything during the year and not to be overloaded in December. So far, so good. Until this week... Kate's teeth are just falling out of her head.
When the first top one came out she was spending the night at my mom's and it was just sitting on her pillow the next morning. She might have accused my mom of sneaking in and pulling it out. From the bed to the door, Kate dropped it into the white carpet, never to be seen again.
One of Kate's quirks is that she is super realistic and has never really believed in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the TOOTH FAIRY, etc... She begged me to tell her that I was the tooth fairy, so we talked about pretending and that it could be fun to *wink* go with it.
She wondered if the tooth fairy would still come *wink* if she didn't have her tooth. I told her, "Absolutely."
The thing is, I forgot.
I remembered right when I was waking her up for school the next day. I froze. Panicked. I knew I had no time to go downstairs and find money, so I quietly snuck into the bathroom where I've... kept some makeup that she's gotten for various birthdays. I grabbed some lipglosses and shoved them under her pillow just as she regained consciousness.
Her eyes lit up and she lifted up the pillow. "Is this all? No money?" I played it up, "Awesome! How cool! Amazing! Such a nice tooth fairy!" She said, "I like it, I just thought she would leave money..." Shoot.
Two days later, Kate lost another tooth and I was determined to rock it this time. Right before bed she said, "Mom, I left the tooth fairy a note, so when you come in to put something under my pill----- I mean, when the tooth fairy comes in, can you have her read it?"
Josh said she was playing me, but again, I was determined! Not only did I put $1.50 in quarters in her tooth pillow... ... but another lip gloss from the stash and a candy bracelet (from the candy pile in the pantry).
She woke up. She looked. She counted her quarters happily. Then.
"I think the tooth fairy is just finding things around the house and sticking them under my pillow. Ava gave me this lipgloss for my birthday last year and the candy bracelet was in my bowl."
I'm not saying that I'm changing my ways, but I need to adjust to the smart old lady I'm raising.


mini and brother said...

So funny! The picture is the strangest thing ever. Can't wait to show it to her future husband someday.

Carrie said...

LOVE IT! And I'm sending Shelley the link to this post. I think someone should know you've been stashing the lip gloss her daughter gave K for MONTHS! :)

Jasmyn said...

I am just waiting for one of the boys to receive a present for their birthday that they gave to Miles for his birthday!! Then you will really be busted!