Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Best. Surprise. Ever!

That's a big number.
Years ago, us girls talked about ( I talked about) my 35th and what grandiose thing we would do to celebrate. I tried to talk Jen into a cruise during those years, but alas. Maybe Vegas? We got excited for a bit, but the plane trip just wasn't feasable for our Midwest counterparts. Jen finally suggested Sedona and even though it would be without Katie and Robyn, the plan was ON!
I was thrilled. So excited. But it was weird knowing we'd be short two of my favorite people.
Little did I know that a plan was in development to knock my freaking socks off.
Jen and I went to Liberty Market for breakfast (hello, biscuits and gravy!) on Saturday morning and then met up with Carrie and Heather. We were off. The weather said snow in Sedona, but first we were going to make a stop in Jerome for fun.

Unsure of how to get there, Jen consulted the iPad. It was not altogether helpful... We skipped the rain in Jerome and headed through this to Sedona! Awesome!

When we rolled in, we all discovered that not one of us brought appropriate shoes. We ate Japanese food at 4pm like old people and went off to find our hotel... ...which boasted this view.

Later on, we went to the movies in the falling snow.

And ate pizza at almost 10. We like to fly in the face of convention.
Snug as bugs.
The next morning was blissful for me since I wasn't stressing about a huge surprise like Jen and Heather were. We had coffee and sat to watch the snow.
Eventually we needed to eat lunch (especially Carrie) and we trudged to get the car. In our inappropriate shoes.

As we sat down to lunch... I had no clue that they had been planning for two weeks, that Robyn had driven into Chicago days ago, that they had sat in the airport for two days waiting for standby flights to open up, that they hadn't told ANYONE, not even my husband, that they had finally flown into the Arizona sunshine only to borrow my mom's car and then drive up to the snow.

The best surprse of my life!!!! They were staying until Tuesday! Then! Apple Crisp! I was ready to implode with joy.
We walked around Sedona for a bit, drank coffee, laughed our heads off and then headed back to town. But before we left, we had to JUMP!!!!!!!!!
Just warming up... this was Carrie's first jump shot... Brilliant!
Home again, home again, jiggity jig. We crashed Heather's place for the next couple of days. We laid in the sun, read trashy magazines, went to dinner... ...went window shopping at the Biltmore Robyn and I were camera ready. Even Madison and Jordan got in on the action. On Tuesday, we went for a walk through of Jen's new house and ended our weekend with cupcakes from the Coffee Shop. I cried all the way home. What could possibly be better? I will never know how much they did to make this happen and I am forever in love with each and every one of them. Hey guys... I'm turning 36 in about 11 months.


mini and brother said...

You are a loyal and true forever friend. I'd do it all again. Thanks for joining me at 35.

Carrie said...

Can I just say ... I love all the color coordinated outfits. That is impressive. And the jump shot. It was everything I imagine and more. Now I can mark that off my to-do list :) Thank you for turning 35!!! It was a BLAST!

Rachel said...

What an awesome birthday surprise! :)

Jen said...

I still want to know who or what the heck "kevjumba' is...and if he/it is....indeed...a heterosexual bear wrestler...

feather said...

Thanks for the great recap of a fantastic weekend... now I may copy it over to my blog... if I had one that I posted to.

Love you!

Robyn said...

It was perfect in every way. Love you!

Canadian "girl" said...

sooo jealous, trashy magazines by the pool, sweet!

Canadian "girl" said...

happy birthday