Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Alpha

The big day!  I sent off two children to the same school for the first time.  They could NOT wait to get their school clothes on.  I caught Kate buttoning Miles' shorts at one point.

Per tradition, Jen, Heather and I "hazed" the kindergarteners (Miles and Colin) with a "Happy 1st Day" poster, balloons and treat.  Miles knew we were making Colin's, but was a bit worried that we had forgotten him.  He was pretty jazzed to see his when he walked down the stairs.  Please excuse his jammers.

He was way more excited about the superhero stickers than anything else...

yummy dipped oreos!
 She not giving the peace sign, she's doing 2 for 2nd grade. Although,  I'm sure she wishes you all peace as well.

 The Kindergartener.  Sniff.  And yay!

 We all met at Jen's house to walk over together.  Kate, Madison, Jordan, Miles, Colin and Alex

 Our family.  Not sure what Miles is doing...

 Our extended family.  Minus a few.  Sniff again.

 Kate waiting outside her classroom.  She had a touch of the nerves.

 Her class. 

 With Mrs. Cantrell.  Kate wasn't comfortable enough yet for a silly face.  She sure warmed up on day 2 however...

Kindergarten had an info meeting during the last part of the day.  This is Miles right before he asked loudly if he could play with my phone while his teacher was talking.  Neat.

Mrs. Ames and our Miles


mini and brother said...

Sniff, sniff! I love all of this. I am so thankful that your kids go to such a great school and I'm thankful they're all together! How special.

PS- I'm also a little jealous.

feather said...

You were not kidding, Miles really was fascinated with the Superheros on his poster :) I still can't believe our boys are in Kindergarten, at least they are together :)

Carrie said...

Very fun!!!

Amy said...

Love the hair Miles! Yay for both kids in school!! :)

Robyn said...

What Katie said. Love your family and miss you all!!!