Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blog Catch Up...

... while we wait to see if the Outerbanks will let us visit next week.

Just a little trip back to March.  We took the kiddos to Lego Land, the San Diego Zoo and the beach.  This was the time that Miles fell in the pool, forgot how to swim and I had to jump in while in a hoodie, jeans and my tennies.

Kate got her face painted and Miles...

 ... well, see for yourself.

A spider!

Oh, how I hope to see these toes *painted* in OBX soon!


Carrie said...

The spider is fabulous!! Praying that your painted toenails make it to NC!!

Arcenio Rodriguez said...

lovely photos!!! I like so much , very funny, Hi Mrs Mikele , my name is arcenio, I´m 17 years old and I AM A STRANGER i know , but I am not a bad person , I´m here with you because I have a drawing about your son.I saw your pictures on google images.I said the same with Mrs Jazmyn
(I hope you can understand my English,my english it is very bad :s) I hope someday you can answer me!!!!! :D