Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Go Forth and Multiply

We sort of invited ourselves over to Sean and Jen's house for Labor Day. Not only that, but we invited 8 others as well. It's been forever since all four of our families have spent down time together - at least since the last baby, that being Miles. We used to hang out all of the time, but that was when Owen was the only kid. Now it looks like this:
From the top - Amelia, Madison, Luke, Kate, Owen, Scotty and Miles The day included Sean and Jen's sweet pool, a chocolate fountain, Dora the Explorer at high volume, 10,000 kebabs, Lance's now famous Hummus, a Wiggles Dance Party at "almost midnight!" (Amelia), and all the shrimp you could eat while swimming.
Madison and Kate
Brother and Katie


Me and the kiddos

For more pictures, head on over to Katie's blog...


mini and brother said...

Great one of you and the kids!
Supermodel mother.

Ter said...

You are just the best blogger ever you are the one all others will look to... AND I know you rule when it comes to the cards...not to mention names but Jim is in for it now..