Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Along the hayride, we stopped to learn a bit about Young's Farm. We got to taste sunflower seeds from a giant sunflower that was growing in the pumpkin patch. Those are Madison's cute hands.
We also sampled sweet corn right off the stalk.
Uncle Jake, Aunt Jocelyn, Gavin, Grandma Cheryl and Aunt Cara joined us for the day. Jake was extremely useful when Miles passed out from too much fun.
Gavin and Miles - they are three weeks apart in age and Jocelyn and I are already preparing for the mischief that will ensue.
The girls had such a good time. We found a kid's area with slides that ended in a big pile of corn. They threw it, buried themselves in it and apparently, stuffed it down their underwear because that's where I found it later.

The bouncer slide was a favorite. Miles is turning out to be just as adventurous as Kate - I think that means that I should just pad all of my walls now, for safety and for my sanity (or lack thereof).

The aforementioned Kate



Jen said...

Kate's not the only one who found corn in her underware...and I don't mean Madison.

robyn said...

Jen you are hilarious. Mikele, you have some serious blogging skills. I find myself checking back daily and becoming a bit of a stalker. I love all of your comments!