Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ghetto Is As Ghetto Does

Ah, fond memories...corn dogs, the big yellow slide, glass fun houses where you come out with a bloody nose... Baby, it's the Arizona State Fair! My mom used to take me out of school every year to go and the strange thing is, I have been so excited to take mine someday. I guess the grubbiness isn't an issue if you're under the age of ten. Anyway, Katie and I took the kids on Thursday and we had a really fun time, although Katie did point out a lady who most likely was addicted to crystal meth - oh, and the big yellow slide is gone, but I did eat a corn dog.
Me, Kate and Amelia

Kate on the bumper boats

Amelia and Creepy Bumper Boat Man

We found a big warehouse-like structure called kidzone or something and even though it was The Place That Nasty Built, the kiddos loved it. They had little cars to ride, but Kate didn't get it and kept changing cars because she thought hers didn't work. There was an area with big blocks where the boys played for about three seconds, it being filthy and Miles sticking them in his mouth and all. There also was a Little Gym area with mats that my boy promptly spit up on. It just added to the atmosphere, ya know?

Showing off the necklaces and bracelets they made.


mini and brother said...

I love the AZ STATE FAIR, I never thought I'd say that! Thanks for a really fun, grubby day.

Anonymous said...

If the big Yellow slide is gone, then I'm boycotting.