Sunday, October 29, 2006

The boys, taking it all in from the comfort of the more sanitary stroller.

"Amelia, don't be scared, it's just like the one at McDonalds!" Ha!
The one and only "real" ride they went on.

"Uncle Krunkle's Farm" had fake cows to milk, a fake field to plow and fake chickens eggs to collect. The pumpkins were real...

Kate picking fake oranges off a fake tree.

Hear this ladies, Miles is uninterested in anything that is not real! (Nor is he interested in ladies - except his mommy)

I will say this...the petting zoo was sweet. They had zebras, ostriches, kangaroos and a giraffe!

Oh, yes - we're coming back next year!!!


Scott Murray said...

Way to go Mikele! You made me feel like I was there! Next year, Josh and I will tak the day off of honor of Jan!


Ter said...

the fair never looked so fun...

Klhark said...

I will have bad dreams about that scary man holding my sweet niece. Come with us to the Iowa State Fair next summer!