Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Myra Foley: Realtor and Murderess (apparently)

Oh yes, it's Bunco time and this month brought intrigue, suspicion and a cutting of brake lines. Nicole hosted "Murder Mystery Bunco" and the scene took place at our class reunion where we were informed that our friend, (friend, shmend! She tried to steal my job!) Helen, had sadly bitten the dust. We had each been mailed our persona and mine was titled, "Most Likely To Succeed." Quite the stretch.
Favorites of mine:

Katie as "Karen Johns" - "Class Clown" and I only recall her name because she repeated it every 3 seconds. She's rich, loud, and has a hot husband named Duke. I think this may be the first time Katie stayed completely in costume all night. She also guessed me as the killer and won the prize.

Kelly as "Lainey" - "Class Treasurer" who got married and pregnant - in that order, people - at 16 and now has baby #15 in the oven. She was great to be partnered with because she kept score so that I could chat.

Jen, Holly ("Most Athletic") and Katie
Jen as "Head Cheerleader" - She even had a cheer for sweet, dead Helen. I can't do it justice, it was priceless.

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