Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just A Typical Day...

Seriously, today was just a normal day. I decided to chronicle it because if you're a mom with small kids, used to have small kids, or if you have ever asked me, "Do you ever think of going back to teaching?" - this will hopefully make sense. I did not put Miles to bed last night and I steadfastly refuse to tell you who did, but when I went in to retrieve him this morning, I noticed that he looked like this:

Josh said it could happen to anyone, but what I was thinking was, how in the world did she get it on him backwards? I can't even get him in forwards most of the time...

(side note: Yes, it's character jammers, but they were on sale and I am trying to grow as a person. They are also size 12 month if you were curious.)

I called Katie shortly after this, because someone should laugh with me (I sometimes wish I lived in the Murray household) and the discussion turned to this morning's mom's group. They were meeting at the park -

"The dolphin park?" ...Kate

- and was I going to be there at 9:30? Of course! This was 8:15 - Kate was still in bed, I hadn't washed my hair in days, longer timeframe goes for the hair on my legs, Miles hadn't taken a nap since he got up at 6:45, and it takes a good 20 minutes to get there.

After breaking 3 hair bands and Kate getting in trouble for using a yellow highlighter on both Josh's Bible and her own mouth, we did make it out the door by 10ish.

Note the cute outfit that will be soaking wet in about an hour.

It was super hot today and all the kids had red cheeks, so we weren't planning on staying long. All of a sudden, an enormous group of school age kids came running into the spray pad area and Kate sprinted right into the middle of them. That was fine, and it was also fine that she got wet when the spray pad turned on, but what was NOT fine, was when she got caught in a mosh pit of eight year olds.

Katie was watching Kennedy today because poor Kim is so sick with her third pregnancy. Off we go to "Old McDonalds."

(side note: What I Am Proud Of ~ Kate has absoultely no clue who Ronald McDonald is.

What I Am Not Proud Of ~ The sick, sick, sick condition of my stroller.)

Things were hectic, but going well at McDonalds, when the following things happened - in this order, but some at the exact same time.

* Miles was fussy and only wanted stars (translation: Gerber Veggie Puffs), and there is just no way to get them in his mouth fast enough. Katie mentioned some sort of IV contraption. Oh, and did I mention that he got two top teeth? Here's the funny thing...they are both on one side!

* Kennedy said she had to go potty (yep, I've got a degree), and Miles pooped, so I took them both in together. Katie said Kennedy was adept at the whole bathroom thing, so two at one time - no biggie...

*...until she dropped her pants and mentioned an accident. Miles was now on the changing table which, by some stroke of genius, was blocking the door entirely. I cracked it open to tell Katie while asking Kennedy to NOT MOVE AT ALL. Thankfully, I had extra undies in my car (but no extra clothes for wet Kate who was now walking bowlegged and sporting a chafe.), but Katie was in the bathroom with Kennedy and rest of the kids were at the table.

Katie: In the bathroom getting poopy undies off Kennedy (who I believe was unfazed - sorry! Kim, please don't kill me!) and holding the door open while I ran out to my car.

Mikele: Looked around to see if anyone near us seemed sketchy, told the kids to "stay put" and took off in search of princess panties.

Katie later said that before she found out that I had an extra pair, she considered taking Amelia's off and putting them on Kennedy because she had to be at preschool in, like, two minutes.

* I then changed Miles and Katie took the other girls in. Apparently, as she was putting Kate on the seat, the toilet started overflowing and "it almost got Kate's bum." Motherhood is classy like that. I did wash my hair this morning, but it ended up in a bandana. Speaking of classy, I also snapped a picture of Kate's back hair today.

Kennedy had to go to preschool, so I followed Katie so that she wouldn't have to drag everyone out of the car (Scotty had to be hoisted in and out through the rear door) to get both Kennedy and her car seat inside.

We then hightailed to Sam's Club where Kate took off and was seen wandering around the aisles yelling, "Mia! Where are you?", the boys were mistaken for twins twice, and the girls were bossed about by some old lady. Katie scored cookies for them, and I tried to trade Kate for my half eaten one (she soooo does NOT need all that sugar!), but she's getting sharp and wasn't too keen on the switch. Keep in mind all of the mini-discipline that goes with leaving the house with four kids in tow. I checked out with the boys (simultaniously feeding them stars) while Katie got the girls a pretzel. I warned Kate not to sit on her knees, but she did, and ended up on the floor. Shocker. One day she's walking across the balance beam unassisted, the next, she's tripping on nothing and ends up sprawled on the ground. I have no clue.

We also had to avoid Helen, Sam's Club's Famous Stalker of Katie who was trying to invite her to her grandson's birthday party. She found us at the exit and - I am not exaggerating! - took the cart away from Katie and wheeled it to the side, all the while talking to her about this supposed "party" for her supposed "grandson." Here are our boys (the girls were, at this point, laying underneath the cart) stuck in the breezeway of Sam's Club.

We made it home and I am now aware that it is 6:00 and I have only "eaten" a Starbucks iced white chocolate mocha, two kid size Cokes at McDonalds, various samples of food from SC, part of Kate's pretzel, and another large Coke.

Anybody free tomorrow?


Our Family said...

We're free! :)

Klhark said...

I wanna come next time :) but I think instead I will just enjoy my 1 child life for the next 9 weeks :)

scottkatieameliascott said...

I'm laughing right now. It really was a fun day. You forgot to say how I lost my keys and found them barried in wood chips near the swings at the park. Normal. We are making memories.