Monday, October 09, 2006

Lost Canyon has a ropes course, which yours truly did not attempt because I tend to freak out and cry a lot when I'm too high off the ground. Jen, of course, did marvelously.

I got a bit of video of her before my batteries died, but Jenny took some of her jump. Hopefully, she can post it on her site or send it to me... hint, hint.

JJ Heller and her husband, Dave, led worship for us. Check out her website for a video journal of her weekend with us. The sound seems to cut out a little while through it (augh!), but it's so cool! A lot of us connected with her music and Jen even got a bit starstruck when she talked to her at the bonfire, "JA!"

This was Sunday morning before the session where I nodded off at least twice.

"My mom went on a women's retreat and all I got was this stupid nametag."

ps... she really loved it and wore it all day

pps... no offence, Tracie, the nametags were beautiful, but I had to go with the quote

ppps... that is all she got though

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